Jack Ortolani has been playing keyboards ever since he was tall enough to reach the keys on his grandmother’s piano. It was love at first sound. Once he realized he could write his own songs on a keyboard, he was hooked forever.

Puberty and the passion to play in a band took over his life at about the same time. He made his first professional dollar at 13 years old and has never looked back.

He also learned early on that he loved to sing and has been a vocal arranger in every band he’s ever been in.

Besides playing the piano, he also learned to play his father’s accordion (which he later learned is a crime in some states!). He eventually discovered the Hammond organ, which then became his main instrument. When synthesizers and electric pianos became available, he immediately added them to his arsenal of musical tools and has played just about every type of keyboard ever made.

Jack has enjoyed a long and varied musical career, playing concerts and clubs all over the country and sharing the stage with many successful artists, including legends such as James Brown, Bob Seger, Tony Bennett and Neil Diamond.

He really does love all kinds of music (hey, he played accordion, didn’t he?) but especially enjoys funk and jazz.